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December 11, 2012

When my husband and step-son were away during this past hunting season, I had occasion to take the dog out and in the course of putting her on her lead she seemed to “freak out” and was whining and clamoring to get under the deck (the lead is close to the deck so she can actually get her whole body under it but can’t go too far).  I wasn’t sure what was up with her behavior, we typically have rabbits under the deck and she likes to chase them out but I had NEVER seen her react like this!
She finally calmed down a bit even though there was still a little barking/whining in the general direction of the deck so I stood out there trying to figure out what had caused this reaction.  Well ……… it didn’t take me long, out from under the other end of the deck came a porcupine!!   I have seen them cross the road both under the circumstances when they had made it as well as when they hadn’t, but I had never seen one “up close and personal” or at least as up close as I was willing to get ….. yuck!!
Now I consider myself pretty capable when the boys are away and had gone outside with the intent of shoveling the snow off the walk-way and deck (which I had done) and then filling the wood box in the house but I was proven not to be as tough as I had originally thought by one little (ok, it wasn’t really very little) woodland creature who proceeded to leave the deck and go directly to the wood pile.  Yes, I admit, I went back in the house and waited what I thought was a good amount of time (about 2 hours) for the little critter to do what he had to do and then vacate the area before I went back to my task of gathering wood.
When Dick came home from hunting I had told him about the encounter and he said that was NOT a good thing to have around, particularly under the deck where he could do some major damage.  I proceeded to show him where the offender had gone (in the direction of our neighbor’s house) after our meeting and we haven’t seen a sign of him since…… until this past Saturday ….
Early in the afternoon Dick went to let the dog out (I know, makes you think that maybe potty training might be in order) and came immediately back in the door with the dog and yelling something about “he’s back”.  I followed him back out onto the deck and sure enough, here was our little visitor perched halfway up a tree directly across from the deck and he just held on, lifted his head, looked at us and chose to stay where he was…. probably not his wisest move ……
Perhaps at some point I have mentioned that my husband is a hunter, maybe I have even expressed that he is a very good shot, either way, we no longer seem to have an issue with porcupines under our deck.

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12/11/2012 12:09PM
December 11, 2012
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03/20/2014 6:15PM
Are you still alive or is this all a recording? No blogs since over a year? Also why are obits not updated since January.....some of us out of town really read your website and look for information and "stuff" that made us make you our #1 radio station. What's happening????
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