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May 1st was my last posting and not that I am not prone to long stretches of neglect on my blog page – this I believe equals one of my greatest pauses to date!  I apologize for that but I do know that in my many travels over the summer from one location to another both Mike Wolf and myself have run into many of you who have expressed the understanding of our lack of time – it has been a CRAZY summer for us all!  That of course comes as very good news for those of us who are year-round residents and particularly business owners but my goodness, I am ready for a NAP!!
Well, for me that “nap” is just around the corner, 8 days from today will be my last day at work before my wedding (which is now just 11 short days away) and then we will be taking some time off but I will be back on September 10th and until then I am asking all of you to take good care of my very good friend Mike Wolf.  He will be having to wake up early to cover things for me and probably working late most days as he single-handedly runs everything. 
He is one of the amazingly special people that we have sharing in our day and I don’t know if it is the fact that it is so close but I seem to be “reflecting” more and more each day.  I feel so blessed to have the outstanding individuals we refer to as family and friends in our lives.  I think a lot of times when planning an “event” like a wedding we tend to get caught up in the minor details (I have been quite guilty of that) and granted there are some details that need to be tended to with a sense of urgency (marriage license, officiant, future spouse, etc) but the rest is just a byproduct of the celebration and I believe I am finally moving into that frame of mind and it has only been with the help of so many who are handling all of those “minor details” for me.  Each one of you knows who you are and all I can say is THANK YOU ….. for letting me vent, for finding me solutions, for refocusing my attention, for a hand on my shoulder, a hug when needed, an evening out for a drink with friends, for a kind word at the perfect moment and for so many other things that have gotten me here with my sanity in place (or at least no further out of place than it was previously) …… THANK YOU!!
This will probably be my last blog until after we get back from the honeymoon but by then I will have TONS to tell you!  I will try to send pictures to Mike while we are gone and he may even throw a few up on our website for those who might be interested.  In the meantime, to all my listeners, thank you for the well wishes and believe it or not, I really will miss being here while I’m gone.  Stay safe and I’ll “See You In September” … lol!
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