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Well, tomorrow is a big day!!  We go and get our wedding invitations designed and ordered so that they will get out in the mail next month which is very big for me because it will keep things on trackand keep me from stressing out as we approach the BIG DAY.  Also, anyone who hasn't yet booked their rooms will have a friendly reminder before they are unable to get a room.

Also, I am meeting with the seamstress who will be doing my alterations on my dress.  We are just planning on getting the bustle ready to be done but since I haven't tried the dress on since I bought it I am a little nervous.  I have been faithfully working out at the gym and watching what I eat and I have dropped a few pounds so I should be fine, if not ............... I did happen to catch a segment on the news about brides-to-be who have feeding tubes inserted to lose weight before their BIG DAY....... hmmmm ......... wish me luck!

Amy Linnett

P.S. - I am totally joking about the feeding tube thing just so you know. I really did see the segment and apparently it really is a new "wedding fad" but NOT my thing!
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Happy Hump Day!!
I don’t know what the deal is lately and maybe it just has to do with the teasing that Mother Nature is doing to us, maybe it is that there always seem to be more things to do than hours of the day but even though time is flying by, these last couple of weeks seem to have taken FOREVER to get through …..
This past weekend though I had a great time and was able to slow down!  I spent the weekend with my good friends Eric and Tricia Schoeneck and their beautiful children, 2 ½ year old Masen and their 2 week old daughter Adisyn.  I went over after work on Friday, Dick joined me on Saturday afternoon and I finally handed the baby back to Mom and Dad about 10am Sunday morning!  How odd it is to hold a baby and sit on the floor blowing bubbles with a 2 year old especially considering Dick and I have 3 kids that will be “moving on” come Fall, maybe that’s what makes time feel like it is going by so quickly.  I remember being able to sit with Taylor at that age just coloring or playing with dolls or reading her stories and now, she is actually in Milwaukee for an appointment with the school that she will be attending this Fall.  Dick has similar memories of spending the same kind of time with his sons when they were that age and now his oldest will be leaving for the Fox Valley in September to attend broadcasting school and his youngest will be attending tech school this winter to become certified in welding.. my how time flies!
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday (but don’t blink, you might miss it)
Amy Linnett
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