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***** WARNING***** WARNING***** WARNING*****
The following blog contains a wedding update – if you are not interested in this particular topic – do not read further!
***** WARNING***** WARNING***** WARNING*****
The question I get asked most often these days from just about anyone has to do with our wedding plans and “how they are going”.  It makes perfect sense particularly since we are only a couple of short months away, and it is always so sweet to hear that people are truly interested so I thought I would just give you an update to this point and just like any other wedding, we are ALREADY having our share of ups and downs with the plans.
At this point we have our guest list done, invitations are designed and ordered, we have everything set with the place where the wedding and reception will be taking place, wedding rings are purchased, all of the bridesmaids chose and ordered their dresses (and at least 2 of them are already here and ready to try on and have altered as needed), tuxes are chosen, my dress is being altered (and as an extra “up” part of this, it fits! – just taking care of the bustle and a few minor “fitting” issues), groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts are purchased, flowers and decorations are decided, cake is being taken care of …. all of this is on the “up” part of the list which is GOOD!
Now for the “downs” and thankfully there are only a couple!  I am trying to get another copy of my birth certificate, for whatever reason I can’t find it and have to have it in order to get our marriage license.  I assume that I am far enough out to get it in time since we can’t get the license until 30 days before the wedding but since I have to deal with a state and a different state than Wisconsin, I am just hoping there isn’t too much red tape.  The only other issue we have run into is our band for the wedding, we just found out at the end of last week that unfortunately they have double booked the date and are now not available to play at our wedding, not good but not somehow became slightly worse when the two possible DJ’s we were trying to book called me this Sunday to tell me they were also unavailable so there is a little “stressarella” factor beginning but we are looking into back-up plans so on that front, please wish us luck.
We also have the entire honeymoon planned, we have our driving route chosen along with stops along the way, the flight back is booked, hotels are booked, the rental car is booked and we even have some activities already booked and paid for!
All in all things are going very well, I am getting more nervous as we get closer not having EVERYTHING completed because I know summers are so busy around here for us but bottom line is …… the day is coming and it is after all just one day, we will be ready, everyone will have a great time and no matter what happens at the end of it all I will be married to the most wonderful man in the world that I will be able to spend the rest of my days with!

Amy Linnett

05/01/2012 12:16PM
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06/03/2012 12:42PM
Amy's wedding
Congratulations, and good luck. I'm sure everything will turn out just great
07/26/2012 3:42PM
Hey Amy!!!
Some of us can't listen in the morning so a new update would be appreciated. When is the actual date and is everything going according to plans?>
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