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Ok, so I have to get this down and of my chest because when it's life or death, it must be noted.

DRIVING!!! And for that matter, get them out of the strollers, they got 4 legs.

You know you are the same people that complain that someone is on the phone when they are driving. Wake up!

Now I am not defending the phone thing, I do travel with my ear piece to make it safer, but I was almost involved in a head on today from a lady trying to turn a corner with a dog in her lap hangin' half out the window.

Look, I know we all love our animals and we want to let them enjoy a nice ride, but maybe let them do it from the passenger seat or the back. Not only does the animal in your lap impair your driving skills but it is a danger for the animal.

If this wonderful lady would have hit me, I probably wouldn't have worried so much for her as I would have the dog. The dog does not have a clue about the rules of the road or know the consequences of an accident. Yes, any accident is bad for an animal in a vehicle if it is not secured, but being crushed between it's masters body and steering wheel can't be on the top of fido's bucket list. You wouldn't travel with a baby there, would you? I don't know, maybe this lady would have.

Remember, you are the human, you make the rules. Love your animal, don't love them to Death.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



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09/28/2011 10:35AM
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09/28/2011 1:05PM
Dogs and Driving
BRAVO WOLF!!!!!!!! I had the same scenario the other day during Beef-A-Rama. The gal was driving through town with a dog anxiously smelling all the beef, crowds all over the place, owner/driver on the phone and the dog of course hanging out of the window. Not a nice site to say the least. Right On!
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