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So after a few days off to attend the Tomahawk Fall Ride, I knew it would take me a couple more to catch up with what I missed while I was gone but with (what feels like) an additional day in the office (since Wacky Wednesdays are over) it didn’t take as long as I expected! Bonus!
Now after having been back a whole week, it is like the roller coaster has picked up speed once again – we had a great time at Beef-A-Rama this past weekend and it seems that no matter what the weather, people just can’t stay away! Haven’t figured it out yet if it is the beef itself, the crazily costumed people that participate, the wonderful crafts, the talented musicians that perform throughout or all of the above, either way, it has worked for 42 years and as they say “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”
This Saturday we have the grand prize giveaway for our Filler Up promotion at Northland Marine in Three Lakes and one person will be walking away with a $1000 gas card (now that’s a prize!) as well as qualifying for a bonus prize (yep, we are still keeping that one a secret until it’s time). If that weren’t enough it is also Cranberry Fest here in Eagle River – another phenomenal event that always brings out people in droves with Marsh tours, crafts, great food, lots of fresh cranberries and more.
Beyond that, we have some very exciting free family fun planned for Halloween with the Vilas Cinema 5 so keep listening to 94.5 WRJOldies, or check either our website or even our Facebook page WRJOldies 94.5FM for more information.
On a more personal note, we are less than 11 months until the wedding and with all of the time I have had to get it all together, I am starting to sweat a little …… so much left to do! I have had to set small, short-term goals and as long as I meet them I should actually be okay. We did get our honeymoon reservations made and my goal this week is to get the guest list written out WITH addresses so that our save-the-date cards can go out by the beginning of November.
Also, I am doing quite well in the Pigskin Picks for the Northwoods River News, I was actually 2 games ahead in the standings last week so I look forward to seeing where we all end up in this Thursday’s edition. As much as I like football Sunday being on the board has really gotten me into more of the games (not just the Packers and Bears) so it is a fun experience and knowing that I could raise money for Angel on my Shoulder never hurts!
Enjoy the rest of your week and have a terrific weekend (no matter what your plans are) and keep checking back here on my blog page – I will continue to try to do a good job at keeping up with you :) – Amy Linnett

09/27/2011 11:50AM
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12/05/2011 1:11PM
been three months........what the hey?
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