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Ahhhh, Labor Day weekend …… the “final fling” of summer around these parts. It is amazing to me how quickly the season has passed but I imagine the kids that had to head back to school this week are probably even more surprised at how rapidly their vacation time evaporated. 
I am looking forward to this weekend, we have some of Dick’s family coming up today and they will be staying until Monday. This is the first time this part of the family will all be together since Christmas Eve so we have LOTS to catch up on! I apologize in advance if I am a little hoarse on Monday morning when I once again take to the airwaves – I have a feeling that there will not be an extended period of rest for my voice!
With all of the activities we have had at the radio station throughout this summer season combined with the family commitments that Dick and I had (we attended 2 weddings this summer and still have 1 coming up in October, the birthday party with the cousins that we planned for Myles and Taylor, the 4th of July picnic and the Spaghetti dinner for the Plum Lake Fire Department, etc) there has been very little “free time” so I am a little disappointed about the fact that I have not had the amount of time on my bike that I was hoping but I have a couple of weeks left to get some more miles under my belt before we go to the Tomahawk bike rally so after this weekend that’s the goal!
Here’s hoping the rest of your Friday goes well and that you are able to ease into the weekend before you know it. Enjoy the holiday and above all, be safe! I will be with you bright and early on Monday morning (but if you have the day off and decide to sleep in, I understand)! If you are now leaving the Northwoods to return to your “other home” don’t forget to take us with you and listen to our live stream 24/7 on our website at
Make it a great one! – Amy Linnett

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09/02/2011 11:27AM
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