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So we obviously will not be checking in with Laura Lockwood from Weather Eye while I am filling in for Amy Linnett.

But even though we are not speaking for 2 weeks, Laura is still trying to push her crazy weather lady and astrological views on us.

After my spam filter did not block her last e-mail, I took time to read it under dourest. This is pretty cool however.

The full moon occurs once every 29.53 days; in August we saw the 1st (known as the Sturgeon Moon) and a second we will see on the 31st (known as the Blue Moon). The next Blue Moon will occur in July of 2015.

The Blue Moon makes an appearance every 2.72 years on average, but you can get two Blue Moons in a single year. This happened in 1999 in January and in March. The next time this will be possible will be in 2018.

The definition of what is and is not a Blue Moon has morphed over the years. In the New England area in the 1930's the term "Blue Moon" was used to describe the third full moon in season with four (instead of the usual three). In recent years more people have embraced the term "Blue Moon" to describe a second full moon in a given month.

The second full moon, or Blue Moon will be August 31st at 8:58am CDT.

Thanks Laura. Now back to your telescope.

Have a great Tuesday.




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08/28/2012 8:27AM
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