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I know, I know …. there is almost no reason to lecture me about my lack of blogage since Spring hit, I am TERRIBLE about keeping up once we get crazy busy around here and I will apologize (again) and with all sincerity but I cannot promise that I will never let this page lapse in the future – I mean, I could make that promise but we all know that would be a lie! 
So as I attempt to re-acquaint myself with this part of the website I will fill you in about a very special date that came to pass yesterday – the 1 year mark until my wedding! As I have been out and about throughout the area this summer many of you have mentioned that you thought Dick and I had already gotten married (I suppose when you have as long of an engagement as we have, the natural thought is that the deed is already done) but no, we have set the date for next August and have actually been able to get many of the details planned since January of 2010! In fact the planning has been going along at a leisurely pace until yesterday and all of a sudden it hit me that the 2 ½ years that I originally had to work with has dwindled down to just 12 short months! 
The reason I share this with you is as a warning of sorts (or plea for help), as we get closer to the date, I fear that I may become fixated, obsessed, preoccupied and perhaps even consumed by the planning, preparation and details of the day and I will ask you to put me back on track, not the “it’s the marriage not the day that matters” track but the “there are other things going on in the world track”.
Speaking of weddings, we are leaving town later today to attend one tomorrow afternoon for friends of ours who go to the Tomahawk ride with us every year ….. hmmm, maybe I can pick up some pointers …..
Have a great weekend and don’t forget to join Mike Wolf tomorrow at Festival of Flavors in Riverview Park here in Eagle River! Be safe and I will not promise “till Monday” but the more likely “till next week” – Amy Linnett

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08/26/2011 12:15PM
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