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So it begins. Getting up early for 2 1/2 weeks to fill in for Amy. If anyone wants to tag in and take my spot, just let me know.

I have to say, the only nerve racking thing is making sure I get up early enough. Making sure the alarm is set and goes off. Or even sleeping through it. So I did som research and have 2 new alarm clocks that will be perfect for making sure I get going.

#1 is the Hide and Go Seek. There's no excuse for waking up late with this alarm clock. As soon as you hit "snooze," Clocky jumps off your nightstand and begins moving around the floor, looking for somewhere to hide. Nothing like a little hide-and-go-seek to rouse you from your slumber.

#2 is fun. It's Called Puzzled. There's probably nothing more annoying than putting together a puzzle before you've even had a cup of coffee, but with the Puzzle Alarm Clock, you'll have to do just that. Once your alarm goes off, three puzzle pieces go flying in the air, and you have to return the colored shapes to the correct places in order to shut it off.

Who ever knew alarm clocks could be fun but yet SO ANNOYING!

Well, wish me luck and we'll see you at 6am tomorrow...maybe.



08/22/2012 11:52AM
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