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Holy Hot Batman!

This week has been a week that is the oposite of the I hate winter days. Way to hot for anything, not fit for man nor beast to be out in. 

Fishing from what I've heard is not bad if you can stand being out on a boat for any period of time. So in honor of the gilled critter, we dine thins week on a recipe from Cameron Fralick of Phelps. Cameron say's this is his favorite recipe and everyone should try it because they will love it.

Today it's...Oven Walleye.

The Parts
6-12 Walleye fillets
1/4 # Salted Butter
2 Fresh Lemons
1 Tablespoon Dill
Old Bay Seasoning

Makin' It: 
Slice one lemon thinly and set aside.
Lay fillets out on cookie sheet.
Place 2 pats of butter on each fillet
Season with Old Bay seasoning.
Melt remaining butter in a small pot and squeeze the juice of two lemons into butter , adding 3/4 of the dill to the mixture. Bring to a simmer and let stand for five minutes.
Pour butter mixture over fillets, place sliced lemon over fillets and sprinkle with remaining dill.
Cover with a single sheet of foil sealing tightly and place in 350 degreee overl. After 15 -20 minutes the top should rise up and then poke two small holes to release the steam.
Leave in oven five minutes longer. 

Sounds Very Good Cameron, your fish is on the way.

Now don't forget, if you have a recipe that everyone should try get it to me. All recipes can be sent by e-mails, letter, or dropped off her at the studios in Eagle River. If I use you recipe on this blog you will receive a FREE fish fry to a local restaurant.

wolf@wrjo.com. Snail Mail: P.O. Box 309 Eagle River, WI 54521. Drop Off: 909 North Railroad (Hwy 45) Eagle River, WI

Remember, if it's fish and it looks good, Eat It!



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07/19/2013 11:14AM
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