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Yesterday we discussed on the air, why was the moon was up at 10am when I came into work? It is a bit confusing to see that, but remember our days are based on the sun not the moon. 
Our favorite weather geek, Laura Lockwood has stepped up again with the info we need. Click on this link to see that the moon actually is supposed to be there at 10am.


A reason to wake up early on July 15th 2012
Not only can you see Jupiter and Venus in the eastern Sky before sunrise but there will also be a 12% crescent moon to finish off the celestial triangle.  The arms of the crescent moon will cradle a ghostly image of the full moon, that is caused by Earthshine.  Earthshine is the sunlight reflected from our own plant, in this case, it is cast onto the surface of the otherwise dark lunar landscape.  The average albedo of Earth is 0.306 (earthshine) – the average albedo of the moon is 0.11 (moonshine).


(image from the site below)

So now that you feel more Sciency (yes, that is a word...now), go out and find the moon and enjoy it not only at night but during the day.



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07/12/2012 11:33AM
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