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Well, these weeks go by so fast sometimes it's hard to keep up. But I am back in the Eagle River studios today and plan on giving away some Money Wheel cash.

A couple of weeks agao I had posted on Facebook that I was just sick of the FAKE drama on all the so-called reality shows. They are starting to look more fake and scripted with every new one out.

I guess, for me, i feel that our lifes are so filled with drama on a daily basis, that is the last thing I want to think of or watch on the tube when I get home. I use it to escape to another world that I don't have to think in. That is why the good ole' sitcoms like The Big Bang theory is so great. You can turn off your brain for a bit and just let some laughs roll out.

The other day I was sent some drama and had to share it with you. It is obviously suppsoed to be filled with over the top drama and that is what makes it so funny. I love the end with the football players at the end.

I want to know how they cleared this with the town? But who ever did, needs a raise.

Follow the Youtube link and enjoy.




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06/14/2012 12:29PM
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