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So I'm in for Amy this week. The getting up early and sleep thing is not the problem, it's the going to bed. I am a night owl and trying to convince myself to go to bed early is the challenge.

I love the late night TV, and it always seems the best shows are on then. I am trying to be good and hit the fart sack early but it is not as easy as planned

I have tried to employ the tactics of falling asleep faster. The million dollar question is, what one is the best? So far the warm tea is a winner. The problem is I may have skewed off the path by adding the honey and shot of brandy.

So here is a list. Next time you need a little sleepy sleepy, give one of these a try. I think I am going to stick with the brandy.....I mean the tea.

Reading with a single light for a few minutes and then lying back on your pillow will help you feel more relaxed. Therefore it is easier to fall asleep.
Try sleeping with a pet; this can be very calming knowing that there is a living being with you. If your pet moves a lot and/or lies upon you, however, this can backfire on you!
Warm milk can help you get to sleep. But it’s not because it contains the enzyme tryptophan. WebMD suggests it may just be that the routine of drinking a glass of warm milk is like an old teddy bear that reminds you of home when your mom tucked you into bed at night. The psychological association with milk is stronger than what the milk’s content actually does or doesn't’t do!
Don't eat any high protein or sugar food before going to bed.
Avoid falling asleep somewhere else in the house, such as in front of the TV. If you feel this happening, get up and prepare for bed and get yourself into bed without hurrying.
Don't dramatically change your time that you go to bed. For example one night you go to bed at 10:10 and the next night you plan to fall asleep at 9:00. It helps to change the time by 10 minutes so instead of 9:00 make it 10:00. Then each night reduce it until you get to the time.
If someone else sharing the bed is the cause of your not falling asleep, discuss the problem together. Perhaps it's a case of spending a night in the guest bed when your bed partner is ill or stressed about a deadline, etc. There is no sense in two people missing out on sleep, and this can impact your relationship negatively if you both have a poor night's sleep.
If you are stressed about something, inhale and exhale, letting your worries go... And tell yourself to think about the problem tomorrow. If you don't sleep, then you will not be able to deal with the problem the next day.
Cover your lower legs or wear clean loose fitting socks to bed, if your feet are cold.

Listen to a recorded book. You can do it with the lights off-it's like being read a bedtime story.
Make use of a journal by your bedside. Instead of lying there worrying, write in your journal and leave the thoughts for dealing with during daytime. Use a book light to avoid disturbing others and to avoid putting on too much light. A page or two of thoughts written down can calm you enough to restore the need for sleep.
Make sure that you are comfortable when you go to bed.



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06/11/2013 10:56AM
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