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I have actually been very proud of myself, ever since we launched our new website I have produced a blog at least once a week and last week, I broke that streak : (
We had a lot going on last week around the radio station and of course we covered our first big “spring/summer” event, Journey’s Marathon both Friday evening and Saturday morning. Any of you that were out know that the weather was not so good for spectating but seemed to be GREAT for the runners as some new records were set! Once again, the Chamber put on a terrific event that was enjoyed by so many and Kim Emerson (as of Saturday afternoon) was ready to sit down Monday morning a start planning for next year!
After drying out, Dick and I joined our good friends Eric and Trish Schoeneck and their family and friends for a balloon release in honor of their daughter Jadelynn on the anniversary of her passing and then all got together at their home for awhile. 
Yesterday, it was all about the riding! I am getting much better (Dick says I improve every time we go out) and I am getting much more comfortable with the bike. It was good to try out different “situations” during our ride so we went around curves, through town, in traffic, and of course in the wind we experienced yesterday (have decided that is NOT my favorite riding condition!) but have put close to 200 miles on my bike since I got it so I figure that’s not too bad for a novice particularly with the “Spring weather” we have had. 
Now that two of the shows that we have been watching all season came to an end last night (Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice) that must mean without a doubt that the weather will be improving and we can begin enjoying more evenings out on the deck instead of in the living room.   By the way, if you watch them, I know that Boston Rob won Survivor but have no clue about Apprentice (I fell asleep well before the) and would love to have someone let me know what happened.
Tonight we begin the task of detailing the vehicles – we start with Dick’s (that way it is done and he can take the bike the rest of the week if the weather holds) and then mine tomorrow so by mid-week the smell of coffee will be removed from my passenger seat (and the floor boards), the windows will be clear again and I will no longer be able to write notes to myself in the dust on my dash …… yay Spring!!
Have a great rest of your Monday ……. Amy

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05/16/2011 11:44AM
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