Mike Wolf



by MIKE WOLF posted May 14 2014 2:18PM
Good Wednesday

I had a link sent to me by my mom and thought how wild it is. This is something that you will never see again in the history of advertising.

It really shows as a society that we will advertise mindless games that will let us destroy the world or blow someone up at the push of a button but we no longer advertise something that may make your brain do some work to differentiate between real life and play time.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good video game. I love to break out my Atari 2600 and kick back to a round or two of space invaders. But ya gotta admit that some of the games these day's are pretty crazy compared to shooting at a pixilated alien ship.

Also, it's just a cool video and toy. 


Have a great day day and enjoy the commercial.


05/14/2014 2:44PM
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