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The weather has been challenging for all of us lately but I finally got out again last night to ride! Only my second time but it already was much improved over my first attempt (due in part to the fact that I wasn’t nearly as nervous as the first time) but I still have things to “work on” so as long as the predicted weather for today holds, we are going to give it a go again this evening for a little while. I need to get as much practice as possible, Dick’s nephew is planning on coming up next weekend and we planned to ride to Mercer to see Dick’s cousin and his wife and spend the night there so the more I ride, the better off I will be.
Other than that, the opening of fishing is this Saturday (in case you hadn’t heard). We have neighbors that are “summer neighbors” (in fact a lot of our subdivision seems to be that way) and a couple of the guys arrived last weekend but this week they keep adding to their numbers (as well as their boats) so I imagine rain or shine they are in!! And of course, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so what plans do you have for your Mom or as a Mom? I would love to find out some of the “traditions” that your family follows or special surprises that you have used in the past.
I know the weekend is still a few days away but if I don’t get another chance before then, let me just say that no matter which you are celebrating (or both) I hope the weather holds, the fish are biting and that Mom has a fantastic time!

05/04/2011 10:57AM
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