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Off the air a little earlier today – had to let our engineer get in the studio to do some work for us but I will be back regular time again tomorrow. It does allow me to get some other things done around the office today which is good because I will not be in on Friday, Mike Wolf will be working my shift and Ashley Mack will be in for him in the afternoon. I will be taking the day off to spend some time with Dick’s sister and nephew who are coming into town tomorrow night for the weekend. Our initial plan was to have her help me with my summer planting (I am not good at picking the right plants, knowing when to plant and even keeping them alive but she was born with a green thumb!) of course, due to the fact that we still have snow on the ground, that will not be entirely possible but at least she can point me in the right direction.
I am almost ready for the visit even, just a few last minute things to take care of, a short list of items to pick up at the store to complete the meals we will be having while they are here, run a load (or two) of towels so we are all set there, do my workout again this afternoon (that way I hit 3 times this week without having to do it with them here) and a quick, touch up cleaning on the house tomorrow afternoon before they arrive and then just sit back and enjoy……
Have yourself a great Wednesday!

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04/06/2011 10:44AM
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