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The weekend is over and I am feeling good about all that we accomplished! Initially we were expecting family to come for a visit but they had to cancel so we were scrambling to fill the time and we most certainly did – got lots of little “Spring cleaning” projects done (cleaned the oven, took plastic off the windows, cleaned out the woodstove, put away snowmobile gear and sleds, etc.) which was very important for our state of mind with the weather we had. In fact, Dick did his best to refuse to look out the windows all day yesterday although that became a little difficult when going from the house to the unattached garage so he caught unappreciated glimpses of the continued white stuff anyway.
We also made some progress on the wedding plans, we have the entire guest list done!! Believe me when I tell you that it took quite a bit of time and in fact we came up with two lists, we also have our attendants asked (and they all accepted), we are going to be reserving the location as soon as the weather breaks and we will be making an appointment with the caterer – whew!! I know we are still about 16 months out but with our schedules in the summertime, we have to get done what we can when we can so it was good to sit down and have some things finalized.
Of course, we always seem to make time for relaxing and we did that as well this weekend and were able to fit in a bit of a “movie binge”. We rented “Hereafter” with Matt Damon, good movie but odd way to end it, “All Good Things”, based on a true story about the Marks family and the disappearance of Katherine Marks in the 80’s, also a good movie but the best one we watched was “The Next 3 Days” with Russell Crowe, fantastic movie!!
Now it’s Monday so back to work and since it looks as though the weather is going to continue to be a cloudy, drippy, slushy mess for most of the week we might as well get some things accomplished!

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04/04/2011 11:28AM
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