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Ok, so my best-laid plans for dinner last night did NOT go as well as hoped – after getting home and spending two hours cooking, my daughter was not home for dinner, my stepson said it wasn’t his favorite but ate some (sort of - at least he put some on his plate, scooped the filling out of the shells and ate the plain shells and buttered bread dipped in the sauce I can only hope a carrot or two went down) but Dick was as always my saving grace and enjoyed it (after of course he gave me a hard time about trying to trick him with the tofu – told you he checks my blog page).
On a more positive note, I was very happy not to see huge piles of the white stuff outside this morning (yeah, I know, flurries but we are talking temps in the 60’s next week). I have been having a hard time going out to the garage every morning and seeing my motorcycle just sitting there waiting to be cleaned and ridden and knowing I have all my gear and now my temporary license with nothing I can do about it – its kind of like being all dressed up with no place to go! If the weather forecast holds for this weekend we can get them cleaned up, I can practice on our road some more and hopefully finally hit the road (outside of the subdivision), which I’m sure, will please my neighbors!
So tonight, no big plans …….. leftovers for dinner, see who is voted off Survivor while checking out the vocal stylings of the contestants left on American Idol, a pretty typical Wednesday evening and by the time we wake up tomorrow we should have sunshine, warmer temperatures and we will be one day closer to the weekend!!!

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04/20/2011 10:23AM
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