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All right seriously...6-10 inches of snow.

There is a time that it is not funny anymore.

I had a thought last night after watching the movie “A Mighty Wind” that we gather the largest group possible on the Hwy 8 and 51 bridges, turn south and all give won mighty blow. This would, in theory, redirect the storm and all it's snowy bounty to the south. Now, I know that if you live south of hwy 8 you might not like it either, but it is our idea so enjoy.

The nice thing is that with everything being warm it will not, or should I say, should not stick around for long.

If you have not learned or have never been told, the thing about winter is that it is all a conspirancy. It is cooked up by Campbells soup. For proof of this, there is a winter video you should see. Click Mr. Winter above to see it

My only thing is that it be nice to travel on Easter Sunday. This will be the first time in MANY, according to my mother, that Wendi and I have been home to celebrate with the family. This industry does not afford a lot of us in it to enjoy time off for holidays.

It should be a nice time, again if the weather cooperates.

Get you shovel ready.



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04/19/2011 1:51PM
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