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One of the things that gets on my nerves is always trying to come up with something new, different and appealing to all for dinner, we seem to get “stuck in a rut” sometimes with meals either because they are “safe” items that I know everyone will eat or because we always seem to purchase the same ingredients week after week out of habit or simply because of time constraints in the evening. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to cook (not bake so much) and I really should get into the habit of pre-making meals on the weekends when I have more time but there are just so many other things to do then. Tonight, however, I will be treading in unfamiliar territory!
Last month we had a “girls night” at a friend of mine’s house and of course all of the ladies made and brought something so I have a new recipe that I will attempt and if I can pull it off I will consider it a great triumph! It is not a difficult recipe to make but it is the “making everyone happy” aspect that could be tricky ….. I am making cheesy stuffed shells and that in itself sounds rather non-controversial but there are a couple of kickers. First, the sauce is made of crushed tomatoes but also grated carrots, zucchini, onion and garlic, again, sounds tame right, but not for my stepson who eats basically NO vegetables so hiding that will be a trick. The second kicker is the fact that there is spinach mixed into the cheese for the stuffing of the shells so once again we hit the veggie wall. The final issue is that there is no meat but it is full of protein because there is tofu in it! Needless to say, that ingredient will not be revealed until everyone had eaten and decided they like it. I don’t think Dick will have an issue with the tofu (even after finding out) because he has been very open minded with trying new things since we have been together and he has generally liked most of the new additions. I don’t think my daughter will have an issue with it because she randomly decides to become a vegetarian about twice a year and she likes when I put spinach on pizza but she may balk about the zucchini (not like she will taste it anyway!) So my stepson will really be the stumbling block, if we can just make him think the sauce is out of a can sauce and that the spinach is parsley in the cheese mixture and the cheese is just cheese ……… then we may just have a new item to add into the dinner rotation!!
Now the question is, do I feel guilty about deceiving them? Not really. We have been pulling the wool over Taylor’s eyes for awhile now as needed (at least every time we have “beef stroganoff” which is really made with venison) and I have been trying to supplement Myles’ lack of vegetable intake with V8 Splash and making chicken casserole that has the broccoli added in instead of as a side dish so that he will eat more of it and as far as Dick goes, I have been trying to add good-for-you-things into his diet for awhile (besides he checks on my blog page daily so I guess with him the cat will already be out of the bag)!
Wish me luck, have a great evening and bon appetit’!

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04/19/2011 9:59AM
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