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So yesterday was the first grill out of the New Year. We enjoyed wonderful cheese burgers on onion buns. A wonderful noodle salad, chips, pickles, and for desert...brownies and milk. Now obviously that sounds great but what had to be done to enjoy that meal was much more than expected.
The whole process would have happened sooner but the village of mice that took up residence had to be evicted and the mouse condo village had to be torn down to make room for the food. And it wasn't easy to do.

This day and age for any eviction you have to contact an Oneida County judge for an eviction notice. Also, because they were animals, I had to contact PETA. PETA had to come out and survey the property to see if there were suitable relocation areas. We had to guarantee PETA that because we had moved them from their home, we would have to pay restitution and provide suitable food in the form of my siding and wall board. Also, for any vegetarian or Kosher mice, they would have to be guarantied the proper food substitute.

Now the mouse condo that was inside my grill had to first be inspected by public housing for any asbestos or lead paint. Then it was subjected to a walk through from homeland security to make sure the mice were not harboring any fugitives.
Once approval was given, the mouse condo was deconstructed piece by piece and reconstructed on a building site that PETA approved. The great part was that because it is a buyers market, I was only charged $127,000.00 for the land. I also had to purchase and plant several trees in a wetland for economic diversity.

Once all the moving and deconstruction took place, I only had to wait for 2 months for the bio hazard commission to spray, decontaminate, and clear the grill for human consumption.

The process was quite lengthy but well worth the tasty meal enjoyed last night.

Have a Great Day.



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04/03/2012 12:14PM
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