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So here we are in the final day of March and for some reason, it still feels like spring/summer is a LONG way away! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the local news said today that since Sunday Wisconsin has had the lowest temperatures (especially in our area), maybe it has to do with the thankfully receding but still present piles of snow in the yard and on the edges of the deck, maybe it’s the fact that I still have to warm my vehicle up first thing in the morning, or maybe it’s just because we are in that in-between time where there are few activities going on and many places are closed for cleaning before the hustle and bustle of the tourist season is upon us…… whatever the reason, it still feels like it is too far away!
Tomorrow is not expected to necessarily help us “turn the corner” weather-wise but it may just help lift our spirits…. it’s April Fool’s Day! I don’t know about you, but I am not a real “practical joker” or “prank puller”, maybe because I always over-think and over-analyze things and spontaneity has never been my strongest suit but I do know how to appreciate the art of a good prank having been pulled. The best ones obviously leave an impression, leave challengers striving to “outdo” it, leave all involved and observing laughing and NEVER hurts anyone, feelings or otherwise!
Hopefully you will be spending your day laughing (or making others laugh if you happen to be the joker) and can ease yourself happily into the weekend no matter what the weather! 
Typically the saying for March goes like this: “In like a lion, out like a lamb” …. looks as though Mother Nature appreciates the art of the April Fool’s joke too!

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03/31/2011 11:35AM
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