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All I can say about Monday this week is that I couldn’t be happier that it is behind me! It wasn’t such a great day but I did pick up my kettleball set over the weekend and went home to do my first circuit with it and I really enjoyed it! I am going to try and attack this workout regime a little differently than I have things in the past and take the attitude that “slow and steady wins the race”. The kit came with three different weight kettleballs and instead of jumping right in to the 10 pound weight, I figured that this time I would start with the 5 pound weight until I feel comfortable that I know the moves and will then move up instead of hurting myself by going too heavy too quick and then just giving up! I will keep you updated on my progress but after day one, looking forward to doing it again (might even try when I get home today instead of waiting until tomorrow).
Now it’s just about time to put Tuesday behind me, at least here at work – I have a very exciting evening planned ….. spending the night wrapping my arms around a MUCH younger man ……. I will be babysitting my nephew (ok, not my real nephew but Trish and Eric Schoeneck made me “Aunt Amy” when they found out they were pregnant) so have yourself a great night (and shame on you for thinking I was saying something naughty!)
Till tomorrow ………… Amy

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03/29/2011 1:06PM
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