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It has been a strange week around here, mostly due to the weather but it looks as though (or at least we hope) that the “storm” we just had should be the very last big burst of Winter, even yesterday when the sun came out – it was so warm – March sun is the first best sun of the spring season!
At least the continued cold through this weekend will allow me to get some last minute projects done inside before it gets really nice, especially since we have family coming the following two weekends! 
It also gives me time to work on my new exercise program …. I have been looking for something (the RIGHT something) for a while and I think I have found it. I needed something that doesn’t take a lot of time, doesn’t take a lot of equipment, doesn’t take a huge amount of coordinated moves and actually holds my interest long enough for me to make it a part of my daily (or 3 times a week) routine. I wanted to gain some strength (particularly with the purchase of my new bike) without bulking up, obviously to tone (like every other woman) and with the upcoming bathing suit season (yep, here it comes again) as well as my nuptials, I wanted to rid my frame of a bit of the “happy fat” that seems to have taken up residence so after a lot of research and knowing what doesn’t work for me (not my first time at this rodeo) I am going to begin using a “Kettleball”. Have you heard of them, if not, look them up online for me it seems to be the answer that I was looking for but like anything, time will tell. I will keep you up to date on how it’s going and if you have any input for me, feel free to comment right here on my blog page or join me on our Facebook page WRJOldies 94.5fm or on my page, Amy Linnett.
Have a great weekend, wish me luck and enjoy the sunshine (hopefully next weekend we will have actual warm temperatures to go with it!). Till Monday ………… Amy

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03/25/2011 11:09AM
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