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Ok, I admit it ….. I caught it ….. AND I think that I have a bad case of it ……. yes, I am talking about the dreaded (and much contagious) SPRING FEVER!!!!
I understand that I am not the only one and I can assure you that every living creature in my home is experiencing the same affliction and for some, the cure is easy for others, we will still have to wait a bit longer for relief. 
The animals are easy, the dog is able to sit out in the yard for longer periods of time and alternate between running back and forth chasing the rabbits that take of residency under our deck each year and just lounging in the sun and the cat has taken up the annoying habit of meowing loudly at the doors asking to be let out but seeing as she is an INDOOR cat, that will not happen, however opening the windows on the screen door has afforded her the opportunity to balance her feet on the hinge and paws on the window ledge so that she can peek over at us when we are on the deck has seemed to at least pacify her for the time being.
As for the kids, well, one of the boys has already begun his summer of landscaping work, my daughter has already gotten a start on her tan and my other stepson has gotten out to do a bit of bike riding.
As for us, we had a HUGE bonfire on Friday night (hopefully the first of many), got out the deck furniture, took the grill out of hibernation and put it to use and spent a bit of time enjoying the weather.  Now if it will only stay warm, melt the rest of the snow in the yard and rain a little to clear all of the sand off the roads we can remove the plastic from all the windows, clean up the yard, detail the vehicles and finally wake the motorcycles from their long winter’s nap!
Here’s hoping that if you and yours are suffering from the same affliction that the cure for all of our SPRING FEVER is right around the corner :).
Enjoy your week!
Amy Linnett

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03/19/2012 7:19AM
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