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The week is finally over and it has been a good one overall, the burgers on the grill on Wednesday were well worth the wait and before we go to bed tonight the last of the “finishing touches” will be done to our bathroom. To make things even better, we have no remotes this weekend so it is going to be sleeping in tomorrow (although I’m lucky if I make it to 7am) and a weekend spent with my family (which in my opinion is the PERFECT way to spend a weekend).
I have been missing a part of my family this week though, my nephew Colin who lives in Texas is growing up way too fast! My sister-in-law posts facebook pictures as well as youtube videos and it seems like every time she does he is doing something new. He now is sitting up, eating solid food and makes lots of noise and giggles and he is even looking like a “little boy” instead of a “baby” and he isn’t even a year old yet! I guess it has been so long since my Taylor was that age that you tend to forget how quickly they grow. I have been thinking of getting a recordable book so that he won’t forget what I sound like and a picture frame that you can use to instantly send pictures from your phone (they really do make such a thing) so he doesn’t forget what any of us look like since I am not sure when I we can actually schedule a visit again because after all, I do miss Cameron and Ashley too!
Well, until then I will just share with you a couple of pictures of him (and the changes he has already gone through in the span of less than 9 months) so if you are not a fan of babies, stop reading now, otherwise enjoy – I sure do!
 Just born (to a Packer fan)with Daddywaiting for Aunt Amy & Uncle Dickwith my Aunt Amyhappy boy!Happy New Year!snow in Texas?!SuperBowl babyjust swingin'Happy St. Pat's Day
Now, let me assure you that I am in no way pining for any more kids (together we have 3 and consider ourselves very blessed) in fact, Dick and I are very pleased in our role as “Aunt and Uncle” and look forward to our days of “Grandparenthood” – but not too soon!!
Have a great weekend, till Monday …………. Amy

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03/18/2011 11:05AM
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