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This morning I had an unusual post on our Facebook page and promised that I would explain the oddity of my statements here so ……
A couple of things about me that you may or may not know that apply in this story; I am not the most graceful individual, I have a bit of a “neatnick” gene, (I hate messy), I like to do things in the most organized order possible and I have a tendency to be “frugal”. 
So, when I left work yesterday, I bought car wash tokens from the radio mall (frugal) then decided to wait until today to use them since Tuesdays are $2 off days at Finish Line Car Wash (even more frugal). I headed towards St. Germain to gas up before I got home (my truck had told me in no uncertain terms on the way to work that it was TIME!) but I wanted to head to the gas station where I had “pump perks” (again, frugal). When I got there I proceeded to scan my coupon and went to fill the tank but in transferring the nozzle from the pump to my truck I neglected to notice that someone had locked the handle in position so that when I moved it, gas ran all over the side of my truck (messy) and since it surprised me, on me as well (lack of grace). After filling I took paper towels and wiped my truck and contemplated driving back to Eagle River to wash the gas off but that would have been a waste of gas (frugal) and backtracking (disorganized) so I decided to just finish my errands and head home. 
I smelled gasoline for the remainder of the drive home, anytime that I ventured towards the garage last night and I still “smelled” it on myself all night (even though I knew it had been washed away repeatedly). This morning upon pulling my truck out and being hit in the face with the smell I decided to go against my nature and wash my truck right away when I got to town knowing full well that they would not have reduced the prices by 5am but the smell (by this time probably little more than imagined) and thought of gas on my truck was KILLING ME! That’s when it happened – a deer- directly in my path causing me to slam on my brakes and send everything in my vehicle flying forward including (and especially) my big red mug of coffee which fell over into my passenger seat and thoroughly saturated the seat.
The outside of my truck is now clean and I no longer have the lingering smell of petrol in my nose – good, right?
My challenge is now surviving the stain of coffee on my passenger seat, the smell of coffee (which I am fond of but not that much) permeating the interior of my truck at least until the weather permits me to do a proper detailing on my truck – maybe it’s just time to trade it in….……….. Amy

03/15/2011 11:59AM
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