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Good Monday to you.

Have you embraced the time change yet. I know some people in our office do not like it.

We have a clock in the bedroom that changes by itself. The only problem is that I am always worried that it will not do it. I know that if I setr it manually that it will really be off. I found myself waking up earlier to check on it. How dumb is that? Waking up to check on a clock. Do I have trust issues?

They do sell lot's of clocks these days that are like that. Atomic clocks are the most popular. What is an atomic clock? It is a clock that uses an electronic transition frequency in the microwave optical, or ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as a frequency standard for its timekeeping element. Atomic clocks are the most accurate time and frequency standards known, and are used as primary standards for international time distribution services, to control the frequency of television broadcasts, and in global navigation satellite systems such as GPS. 


The big difference between a standard clock in your home and an atomic clock is that the oscillation in an atomic clock is between the nucleus of an atom and the surrounding electrons. This oscillation is not exactly a parallel to the balance wheel and hairspring of a clockwork watch, but the fact is that both use oscillations to keep track of passing time. The oscillation frequencies within the atom are determined by the mass of the nucleus and the gravity and electrostatic "spring" between the positive charge on the nucleus and the electron cloud surrounding it.

OK, here is one word to understand it better.....MAGIC!

Plain and simple. It keeps time and updates itself magically.

If you are looking for a cool clock, check this out. The Pin Clock. It is a pill-shaped precision engineered clock uses 3,000 pins to display the hours and minutes of the day. Inspired by the popular Pin Art toy that uses moving pins to form the impression of one's hand. The minutes click ahead with a sound that sounds like the classic flip clock. 


The only problem is that it is not lighted. In the middle of the night you would have to use a flashlight to see the time or turn on a light.

Still very cool!

Well what ever your clock choice, enjoy the time change.



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03/14/2011 11:37AM
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