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Well one week from today will be Halloween. A day to play dress-up and show your inner what or whom ever.

There is a place to find out the latest and greatest costumes and masks. This store goes by the hottest that they sell.
"Click Here" to view. My favorite is the zombie Obama mask.

The biggest thing this year, is to celebrate a Green Halloween. I am all for helping Mother Earth, but wearing someone elses sweated into costume is not my gig. Also, I am sure 99% of people could fit into my costume, but me fitting in theirs is almost impossible.

But if you would like to go Green for Halloween go ahead and "Click Here". now one thing that they suggest is that for the treat this Halloween, think treasures, instead of candy. Kids love little trinkets like spinning tops, stickers and collectable cards. Most children especially love gifts from nature like polished rocks, crystals and seashells. Think keepsakes, tokens and stocking-stuffer type gifts but don’t forget to think healthy and green. Although non-food items are generally healthier than food items, try to avoid non-recycled plastic toys.

I am going to say this about the trinkets...NOOOOOO. And no money either. There is a reason that kids come to your door, and that is for candy. Lot's and lot's of candy. Hence, that's why the kids go out with pillow cases.

We had an apartment complex across the road from or house growing up. SCORE! We used to get tons from that place. Remember, location, location, location.

I guess the biggest this to remeber is, just be safe, and bring Uncle Wolfie some goodies.

Have a lovely day.



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10/24/2011 2:26PM
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