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Last week on this day. Sunny and warm, to good to be true.

This week, fall is finally here. Overcast, rainy, and a bit brisk.

I love how Ma Nature dangles those carrots. She's a crazy little gal.

Okay, let's get to why we are all here.


This week we enjoy a recipe sent from Debbie Grunfelt. Debbie is from Rhinelander and say's she had to send in her recipe because it is, as she wrote, DELICIOUS!!! Yes she used three exclamation points. Debbie wants all to know that the reason she LOVES, this recipe is because it is simple and you taste the fish not the ingredients. Sounds good to me.

Today we dine on...

Debbies Simple Fish...

The Parts:
4 northern fillets.
1 1/2 cups white flour
Season Salt to taste
Cooking Oil

Makin' It:
Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Place fillets in flour mixture. Pat extra off and let stand for 10 minutes.

Re-roll fillets on flour mixture to double coat. Again pat of extra flour.

Fry two fillets at a time till golden brown.

Easy, Peasy, Lemon squeezy.

Thanks Debbie. this is exactally how my grandma made it. She did however substitute the oil for Butter Flavored Crisco.

Your free fish is in the mail.

Now don't forget, if you have a recipe that everyone should try get it to me. All recipes can be sent by e-mails, letter, or dropped off her at the studios in Eagle River. If I use you recipe on this blog you will receive a FREE fish fry to a local restaurant.

Snail Mail: P.O. Box 309 Eagle River, WI 54521
Drop Off: 909 North Railroad (Hwy 45) Eagle River, WI

Remember, If it's fish and it looks good, Eat It!



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10/14/2011 11:16AM
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