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So The Plunge is behind us and next up will be the Derby and Klondike Days. And people thought the Northwoods shut down in the fall and winter. I think that the summer is just a primer for all the things that are going to happen in the winter.
A cold was brought into the office a few weeks ago and has now entered my body and attached itself to my vocal cords. I have been pretty much unable to talk for the last 3 days. Some noise comes out but it is not what I remember.

Last night i was watching a marathon of the Sasquach Investigators on Animal Planet. What the??? Are these people getting paid to travel the country and look for, as they call them, Squaches? Who is paying them? And where can I get one of those jobs?

They have yet to uncover anything. At least the ghost guys give me some hope, and even if they are faking it they are fiming something.

I watched 4 episodes last night and I did not see a hair, a finger nail, nothing. Wait, yesterday they caught a hot pee spot in the woods on the inferred camera, and said that it was probably from a "Squach" becase they heard foot steps.   WHAT????????

Why would you not take a sample to a lab. If it was any type of animal, I'm sure they have got to have something on file? If it wasn't a known animal then you might have an argument.

Not don't get me wrong, they do see some prints all over the forest floor??????? All over, Are there heards of these things? Wait a minute.......They might be the reason for the the decreased deer heard in Wisconsin. See it's not wolves at all, it's the Squatch.

You would think with the thousands of trail cams someone would get something? Anything?

I really need that job. Thank God The Big Bank Theory is on tonight. Bazinga!



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01/10/2012 3:18PM
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